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The text below was copied of a friends T-shirt a little over years ago. It is to my mind the best definition of ART every written.

ART Man of Festo
F. Babb © 1989

ART is working on something until you like it – then leaving it that way. When it is real – ART can heal. ART helps fill the void. ART helps create the void. ART is 4 keeps. ART is what kids do to survive in an authoritarian society. ART is one of the few things left worth doing. ART can pick you up and slap you around. Art never leaves you where it found you. ART is a velvet painting in flames. ART is a flaming still life on velvet. ART feeds the needy. HA! People love and appreciate ART. They're out buying ART right now. ART with flowers and matching frames. ART with RED TAGS; 50% OFF. Even assholes can do ART. ART is more than pretty pictures. Doing it is the reason 4 it. ART is a liar – it lies. ART can turn you around. ART can turn you stomach. ART is bullshit. ART is TRUTH. ART that pleases your Mom and Dad probably won't please you. It's fun to paint with that man on PBS. Good ART won't match your sofa. Bad ART will match it perfectly. ART is a cactus growing out of the desert upside-down, laughing. ART is neither good nor bad but marketing makes it so. ART is red, yellow, blue and a whole lotta other shit mixed in. ART is something you do after your Dad beats you. ART is your mother comforting you. You can bring people to ART but you can't make them drink. ART is one of the few things left worth quitting. ART makes you think – it makes you sick – makes you die. ART resurrects you. ART rarely disappoints you. ART rarely satisfies you. ART is more important to children than sports.

ART can hurt you. ART cannot help you. ART helps you. ART is a whole bunch of words on a T-shirt. ART is more important than Television. Television is ART. ART can change you values. Now there are many ART galleries – very little ART. ART opens you eyes to the hideous you. ART is beyond skill. It is beyond you. You – are more than most ART. ART forces people to accept you for who you are. ART is another kind of mirror. ART is the universal language. ART is where life ends and individuality begins. ART is panacea. ART makes people laugh and cry and get pissed and think. ART should not be censored. ART can sneak inside your mind and make you be taught. ART can make a real difference in your life; unless it is a hobby. There are millions of ART OFFICIALS on the prowl. ART is a hide-out. ART is a refuge. ART is a way to laugh at society without them knowing it. ART dirties your hands and cleanses your soul. ART is an idea. ART is a Thing. ART is in the Pentagon these days. Your bigger than most ART. LIGHTEN UP! ART is for your own good.


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